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Taking It All In

There are days that wear you down, and conversely there are days that make you feel light as a feather. I wish today had been the latter, but the good news is that it wasn't the former either.

As an artistic person, my current situation at work filling three different positions and none of them artistic in nature has forced me to take a minute and pause. What is God trying to teach me? Is He showing me that there are other avenues of creativity that I need to explore. I believe maybe that is why I started this blog. Creative writing is fun and yet frightening when you think of all the people who could end up reading this stuff. They are far more intelligent and better writers.

Maybe the reason God put me in this position is to remind me that I have been successful in business. I had my own motel for nearly 8 years and we did well. I've also run a chiropractic office and have been in positions of management in other jobs. I don't just have to be a graphic designer to be valued or feel successful.

Today I had a few minutes between "fires" to thank God for putting me where I am. There are many things I could complain about, and there are days when I do. As much as I would like to be designing amazing artwork for a huge company making a crazy big salary, here is where God put me. I know it isn't permanent, but I know I have something to learn before the next great thing happens. Or maybe I am just here to help someone else.

So today I Imagine Jesus giving me a thumbs up on making it through another day without smashing someone over the head with my keyboard.

Yes, I'm joking.

Imagine Jesus meeting you where you are, in any situation. His ways are not our ways. He can see the end, where we only see the beginning and middle. Imagine him guiding you by standing beside you. Imagine He says, "Just a little bit further and you will see what I see. I think you are really going to like how this turns out. Do you trust me?"

What do you say?

ABSOLUTELY! Let's do this!

Job 34:21 "His eyes are on the ways of mortals; He sees their every step."

Psalm 25:10 " All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful toward those who keep the demands of his covenant."

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