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Notes From the Author

and other fascinating things

A Brief Introduction

49 posts and still writing! I can hardly believe it. God is truly blessing me, and I hope that you are being blessed, too. I have heard from a few of you that you are enjoying this blog. It makes me happy to know that these words are being read and reaching hearts of those it is intended to reach. I don't know who God wants to see these words. I share a link everywhere possible, because I just don't know who might click on it and find that bit of encouragement or laughter they were needing at just that time.

Thank you to everyone who shares a link, reads a post or sends a note. Most of all Thank you Jesus for your amazing love and perfect sacrifice. I can only Imagine an eternity praising you! What an image that is!

Everyone is welcome to join us, now and in eternity!

Invitation to Interact

I am so glad you are here and exploring this site. I don't know where it will go but I do see God's hand in it. I've never really written much. It seems that every day there is more to write. Believe me, my life is not that exciting.

If you are here for the first time, welcome. I would love to have you become a member because I believe that conversation is a wonderful thing. I want to hear your thoughts. I want to be able to answer questions or even start a prayer request area where we can pray for each other. Life is all about relationships. God created us to be relational, first and foremost to relate to him on a personal level and then to relate to others. We need each other!

I can see an evolution of this site that could be quite amazing and I don't want anyone to miss out. God is moving in this world. It is so obvious to me, and I bet you see it, too. He is healing relationships and developing new ones. He is bringing us together. Something big is coming. It is really exciting.


Please join the conversation by becoming a member, then subscribe to the newsletter. I may or may not start one. I guess we will see how things go!


Mobile Phone

If you like what you read, please share it with your friends. You never know what God is planning or who might need to Imagine Jesus today. We have a facebook page and there is a link to that in the footer below.

Code of Conduct


I don't mind criticism as long as it is spoken in love. I don't want arguments because we are here to share, love, grow, encourage and uplift one another. Arguments accomplish nothing. As this site grows I may need help policing some of the comments. I would appreciate self-governing and an occasional heads up if you see something that is questionable, please say something to me. It isn't much to ask. I'd hate to have to call down the wrath of God on any one.

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