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One of my favorite parts of church service is the invitation the pastor gives at the end. I always Imagine Jesus standing at the front of the church with open arms ready to welcome all who will come. I often cry with joy when people go forward. Today I felt compelled to add this page to this website. This explains the message of salvation. It is quite simple, but so beautiful.

You were created by a loving God to have a relationship with Him. We all were. Because of sin we are separated from Him. Because He is just, He requires payment for that sin. But we are imperfect and He requires a perfect sacrifice for payment. He sent His son to earth as one of us. He lived a perfect life, which we cannot do. He died a violent death. He raised from the dead to seal the deal. His sacrifice was not necessary for Him, but has been offered to us as a ransom. God is offering to buy you out of slavery and keep you for eternity as His child. Jesus bridged the gap between you and God. It is that simple - forgiveness freely given for the asking.

The next step is not difficult, but many will not chose it. Just reach out and confess your need for the savior. Receive that free gift. God does the rest. He knows your heart. He wants you to experience His. That longing for love that all of us have is instantly satisfied when we surrender to the God of love whose name is written in our DNA.

Quiet your heart. Focus on this gift and pray the prayer below.

"Dear Father in Heaven, I come to you humbly seeking forgiveness for my sin. I believe Jesus died for me and rose from the dead so that my debt could be paid in full and I could be returned to you for eternity. Thank you Father for this great gift of love that I don't deserve. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice. Thank you Holy Spirit for coming into my heart and showing me the heart of God. In Jesus Holy name, Amen."

Now it is time to learn all about the God who loves you. There are good churches who can help you learn and grow. The journey has just begun. If you don't own a Bible, get one. One of my favorites is one designed by Pastor Greg Laurie. It is called the New Believer's Bible. It is free. Just go to and fill out the form. They will send you one for free. It is full of notes to help you as you start your walk with God. There are also many other resources and many messages you can watch. I'm so glad you chose Jesus today. He has been waiting to meet you. If you want to share your faith with me, please feel free to let me know so I can rejoice with you!

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