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The Mysteries of Life Examined

For a Friday it was pretty crazy. One thing after another needed my attention. As I am still fairly new to some of what I do, I needed to consult with my boss on a few issues. His experience is vast and it helps to pick his brain about how to deal with some problems. At the end of the day we often chat about things. Sometimes our chat is about business, sometimes just about life in general. Today it was about business. The conversation was focused on my ability to make decisions on the fly and how he appreciates me not needing him as much as the last person who did my job. It was nice to have the compliment and assurance that I not overstepping my bounds.

I told him that I believe God has a purpose for me in this position. We don't usually discuss God. Not because it makes me uncomfortable, but I am a Christian and he is Jewish. He said, "When people ask me if I believe there is a God, I think about how 120 years ago we didn't know to wash our hands before doing surgery. Even from 1988 when my father passed away to now is so different. I look at the vastness of the Universe and everything that we've accomplished on this planet and yes I believe there is a God." I agreed. I said, "creation alone is proof for me." It was kind of a neat moment between us. I never really knew where he stood on God's existence because of statements he has made that were questionable.

Here I am working closely with a man who has been in business for a couple of decades. He is a pro at what he does, and he is a patient communicator with a sense of humor. His experience is valuable. He said the other day that he didn't want to correct me too much because he wants me to continue to work on my own without calling him constantly. I told him, I want to do this right. I want to know what works and how to handle things. I don't mind correction, I value it! It is no accident I am there.

This conversation lingered in my mind, as they often do. On the drive home I thought about how strange life has been and how I ended up in Texas of all places. One decision lead to another, which lead to another and so on. I don't see any of it as accidental. I see opportunity that happened with each move from one state to another. I even see how I struggled for three months to get an interview for a job. When I was at the end of my finances facing homelessness, this guy calls me up and wants to interview that day. He hired me on the spot. That was completely God. He wants us to trust Him and sometimes it takes waiting for that last minute opportunity.

Then of course Covid-19 lock downs and other nonsense put his business in a bind. He lost three employees and business dropped off. He needed me to step into a position I was not comfortable with. I didn't tell him no because I am a pretty loyal person. I have also learned that God uses people when they are willing. I also know that God puts us in positions to teach us, as I have stated before. What I am learning now, and becoming more comfortable doing is preparing me for what God has in store for my future. I don't know what that it is, but I'm eager to find out.

Imagine Jesus holding a snow globe in his hand. Inside that globe is your future. He can see it clearly. To you, it is all snowy with life and all that has happened. To him it is calm and clear and he knows exactly what is behind all of that snowy mess. Every once in a while that snow globe gets a bit of a shake and it is time for another piece of your life puzzle to fall into place.

If we look at all the things that have shaped us, we have to see that none of it was accidental. Creation itself was no accident, despite with the secular world would have us believe. Each and every life has a purpose, even in the case of rape, incest or extramarital sex. Every life is precious to God. He has a snow globe for each of us. Some are on the shelf as a completed life, but others he gives a shake on occasion. They are all his favorites!

Thank God each day for life's little shake ups. These are the greatest of opportunities for growth that bring you closer to what God wants you to do in this life. God is too perfect for accidents!

Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

Proverbs 19:21 "Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails."

Psalm 33:11 "But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations."

Isaiah 14:24 "The Lord Almighty has sworn, “Surely, as I have planned, so it will be, and as I have purposed, so it will happen."

I had to share this video. I saw it today and thought how perfect!

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