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Any Day Now

I remember as a child when my grandparents would visit. We didn't see them very often, but their visits were always special. The excitement building to their arrival was always great. Mom would get the good silver out and we would help her polish it. Their bedroom would be prepared and we would all pitch in to clean the house and make it ready. They would arrive and hug us all and ask us questions about school or friends. We would go out to eat at special places that we couldn't afford normally. We would bake with my grandmother and listen to my grandfather's wisdom and silly jokes. They would take pictures of us and then they would leave again. Every visit was exciting because we loved Mommom and Poppop so much and couldn't wait for their return.

It is probably that way in your childhood memories, too. A beloved Aunt or Uncle, Grandparents, or maybe just a family friend. When you hear they are coming to visit nothing sounds more exciting. You begin planning what you will do and imagining how great it will be to hug them again after so long. What will you talk about. Will they have changed? Will they comment on how grown up you are?

Here we are in 2022 and someone greater is coming soon. Can you feel it? If you are watching what is happening in the world, there is no way you can miss it. The crazy has gone full tilt! They are developing microchips to be implanted into the brains of people. There are already microchips that can be implanted under the skin to track animals and people. In some European countries they use the chip to buy, sell, access their bank account, enter their secured office building and more. It isn't required yet, but that is what they are working towards. The World Economic Forum has plans for a one world government by the year 2030 and they are pushing us hard toward that end. They are even starting to make Christians the enemy of the world.

When your eyes are open and you are looking for anything that resembles the Biblical prophecies you see the world differently than those around you. The world is in chaos and governments are purposefully destroying food supplies to cause dependence upon "big brother" for solutions. This will be how they will manipulate us to take the mark of the beast. It isn't difficult to see how they plan to push the agenda and how close we are to those days. Whether you believe in the rapture of the Church or not, the fact is we are living in the times leading up to the end of this age.

Jesus IS Coming back.

The Bible is very clear about this. There will be no escaping the finality of it. I've said before that I don't fear what is coming. In fact, I've been thinking a lot about the times we are living in and praying that I will be found worthy should I be called to stand before man and profess God. Sure it is easy to do so in a blog, where nobody sees me. I know my destination is eternity with God. That security should be all I need. I do not fear death. My God has conquered death and made a way for me to live eternally in a better place without all the evil that this world holds.

This morning I woke up with the song "Jesus is Coming Back" playing in my head. Again, I know God gives me these songs every day as a way to remind me of who He is and what He has planned. I've been listening to Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation on my iPod at night while going to bed. There is a Global awakening and people are turning to God. There are many who are searching. Just like when Jesus was here the first time, people were searching for the Messiah. A Savior who would save them from the evil Roman Empire who ruled with an Iron Fist. How appropriate that He should return at a similar time.

I have been listening to Jewish Christian who expounds on prophecy. He talks all the time about the return of Jesus, and his positivity that we, the Church, will be removed before this happens is reassuring. The Bible talks about the rapture and the Church being taken out of here. It is clearly a different returning of Jesus than when He will come at the end of the age and set up His kingdom. God has told us everything we need to know to be reassured of His love for us and His calling on our lives. Are we ready to meet him? Are we being bold and telling others?

Jesus is COMING back.

I'm excited and I look at the sky and wonder. I can't wait to see His face and be with Him. I think about it all the time and just what will it be like. My imagination goes a little crazy. Imagine Jesus laughing and taking time to hug each one of us. In fact, because time will no longer matter He can do that. He will call us each by name and we will hug him tightly and thank him for all he has done for us. Imagine Jesus laughing when someone says "what took you so long?" Imagine Jesus compassion towards us who are just plain worn out.

I am currently finding glimpses of Jesus in "The Chosen". My sister Jennifer told me before she passed away, "You've got to watch this show. It is like you are writing it and you're imagining Jesus for the audience." She was right. So many times during the different episodes I can see the Jesus that I write about. I am not off base with my imagination. I think the Holy Spirit gives us these thoughts about Jesus so that we can experience him through our imagination and share it with others. He is real to believers.

He touches everyone right where we are. He can do this because He created us. He knows us intimately. This is what "The Chosen" shows to us. Everyone who meets him knows that Jesus knows everything about them. The Samaritan man who was a thief realized that Jesus already knew what he had done. Jesus knew that all the man needed was compassion. Life is hard sometimes. Jesus didn't come to take that difficulty away, not in this life anyway. He didn't come to judge us, but to set us free.

When I watch this show I get more excited for that day, when my imagining will become touching and seeing the savior for the first time in the flesh. I will have a new body. I will look on his face and he will smile at me and call me by my name. He knows me. The God of heaven, the creator of the universe, the savior of the world, knows my name.

JESUS is Coming back.

I believe that the significance of the song in my head this morning was so great and God wanted me to get excited about it. I believe this because on the way to work, it was the song on the radio. On my lunch hour it was the song on the radio. On my way home from work it was the song on the radio. Then something even more miraculous happened. Not only was that song playing but the same song followed it each time. That song is "Fear is a Liar." I listen to this station every day. They never play the same songs back to back. I rarely hear the same songs more than once a day.

God is preparing us for his return. Are we listening? Music gives me strength and focuses me. What is it for you that helps to focus you on Jesus? Pay attention! He is speaking, you just have to listen.

1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 "For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive, who remain, will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord. Therefore, comfort one another with these words."

John 20:29 "Jesus said to him, “Because you have seen Me, have you now believed? Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.”

Revelation 17:14 "These will wage war against the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them because He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are the called and chosen and faithful.”

Are You Ready?

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