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Updated: May 24, 2021

The Way Forward in a Backward World

There are times in every life where we feel like the man in this picture. Exhausted desperate and without the strength to stand on our own. When I first saw this panting a few years back in a Christian bookstore I stood and wept. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. This was me. I was done with the struggle, and just needed someone to hold me.

Because of this picture it won't be hard to Imagine Jesus, but it might be hard not to cry. Look at the strength in His hands. Jesus was a carpenter. Have you ever known a carpenter who wasn't strong? He was no girly man that's for sure. Notice the grip he has on this man. You know he is NOT letting go. Now look at what the man is holding. Did you get you chills? I did. The title of this painting is "FORGIVENESS".

One of my favorite films of all time is The Passion of the Christ. I have only seen it once. I cannot bear to watch it again. I own it on DVD and maybe someday I will. I remember an interview with Mel Gibson when he said that the hand in the movie which drives the nails into Jesus was his own. He stated that he did this because he knew his sin was what sent Jesus to the cross.

This is all of us. Jesus died for each and every one of us. This was GOD's plan to save us and reconcile us to HIM. God is our FATHER. He is our Creator. His love for us goes beyond anything we can imagine. This one picture of forgiveness speaks volumes to our condition and HIS resolve to never let us go no matter how far down we have fallen or how dirty we have become.

In this world turned upside down so many of us are searching for a father. Maybe we didn't have one, or maybe he was not available to provide what children need. The great news is we have a heavenly father who is PERFECT. He is always there. He is always compassionate and understanding even when we are deep in sin. The creator of this vast amazing beautiful universe gave HIS life for us in the ultimate act of love and forgiveness. He didn't give his life for the stars, or the animals, or the magnificent sun. He gave his life for you and me. He created us in HIS image. We are the pictures on his refrigerator! We are his kiddos. We are the children of the LIVING GOD! The only thing He requires is faith.


Jesus and God are one in the same. Jesus is the picture of the Father. Below is how I Imagine Jesus every day. He is my best friend. I need no other. Imagine getting this kind of hug every day!


John 10:30 "I and the Father are one.”

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